Traditional Jamaican dishes

Jamaicans are known to have many different food types like, Barbeque, Curry, Jerk, Culinary herbs and spices, fruits, deserts, meat and poultry etc. There is a certain way to comprehend the various types of the above Jamaican dishes kind to get a phenomenal taste when preparing these diverse dishes. Barbeque is very easy to prepare but requires ample amount of seasoning.

Jerk foods highlight all of Jamaican cooking. The use of spices in our foods such as scotch bonnet pepper, pimento etc, are key in expressing food through herbs and spices. Continuous use of these herbs and spices have made Jamaica’s foods one of the best in the markets.

There are many different ways to prepare Jamaican dishes that will in the end have that exquisite taste.

One of the most popular dishes Jamaican prepares is Ackee and Salt fish. This happens to be the national dish of the country. It is because of its uniqueness in taste why it was pronounced the national dish of the country.

Another popular dish that Jamaicans love to prepare is Curry. They will curry everything, they have curried chicken, curried goat which is the most popular, curried fish, curried oxtail, curried rice etc.

The curried chicken and curried goat are most popular when preparing curried dishes at any Jamaican restaurants.

Jamaicans and people across the world have nonstop craving for the delicious taste of ackee and salt fish. This dish is prepared by getting the ackees together, ensure that they are cleaned properly and then you place them in water to boil until soft. It can be boiled with or without the salt fish.

Get your onions, tomatoes, garlic and black pepper with a tip of salt for taste and don’t forget the scotch bonnet pepper and there you’ll have your ackee and salt fish dish. Sides’ servings could either be rice or just plain food, (dumplings, green bananas, yams, sweet potatoes etc).

How to prepare a curried chicken? This is done by, cleaning the chicken and ensure that it is properly washed with either lime or vinegar, this is used to take away the raw smell and taste of the chicken, then cut all the parts of the chicken, then use a chopper to chop those parts into small pieces.

After doing that you should have your seasonings prepared such as, garlic, onion, scotch bonnet pepper, salt, black pepper, escallion, tyme and pimento. Added seasoning for flavor could be all purpose seasoning.
When the seasonings are prepared disperse them over the chopped up chicken and then rub the seasoning in to ensure of its great taste. This should be soaked for about fifteen minutes to ensure that it’s well seasoned.

After this, have your pot with oil well hot, pour the curry powder in the pot and allow it to burn. Curry is a very delicate ingredient in foods, if not cooked properly, diarrhea can occur. When the curry is properly burned, pour the chicken into the pot and just allow it to steam until soft.

Once again, side servings could be plain rice which is very popular, or just hard food, such as green bananas, yams etc.

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Jamaicans also have books that entails authentic Jamaican recipes that is made easy for anyone who is just really hungry, loves great tasting foods, and is very concerned with their health can just get these recipes and prepare them in a flash for the entire family.

Jamaican Cuisine

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