Jamaican Fruits and Vegetables

This island is so blessed with its tropical climate; almost everything grows especially the most wonderful Jamaican fruits in a wide variety. Some persons would say the fruits that you get in Jamaica are sweeter than anywhere else; it must be sun or the touch of love when nurturing the plants.

Most of the fruits make some wonderful fruit juices from all natural ingredients. But if you like it a little sweeter you could add sugar to taste.

Some of the popular ones that you will find in most restaurants across the island is june plum, coconut water, mango juice, sour sop, carrot juice, sorrel if it is in season and numerous other blended fruit punches.

There is nothing more refreshing than having one of these juices to cool down from a hot day in the sun.

There are other juices that you will find with some special ingredients which are made from various roots. These are especially for the males and can be found in most stores also in many varieties that is said to have some secret powers; like strengthening the back.

But how could I forget the very popular Blue Mountain coffee, which is said to be the best in the world. It is said to be low in caffeine, rich, flavorful and very smooth, you have to try the real one when you visiting the islands.

We have to take a look at some of the delicious Jamaican fruits that you will find on the island. Some were brought here from the different cultures and others were found on the island.

Guava is a tropical fruit that is said to be from many species; round shaped with pink, yellow or red rows of small seeds. This fruit has a strong smell and taste and is used to make syrups, chutneys, jams, ice creams, punches and cheese.

Mango is said to be from India, but some persons refer to it as “fruit of the tropics”. You will find mangoes all year round on the island and it seems as if every year there is a new discovery. The ripe mangoes can just be picked and eaten as it is or if you prefer you can use in salads, juices, deserts and drinks. Some persons use the green mangoes in condiments and hot sauces.

The star fruit is very refreshing especially on a hot day, with its acidy sweet or tart taste. It is used in desserts, salads, to garnish drinks or cooked with seafood dishes.

The sour sop is used mostly in juices, sherbets, punches and ice cream. This Jamaican fruit has an elongated shape and covered with spikes.

The sweet sop is a native of the American tropics. This is real fun to eat as each pulp would have these little black seeds that you have to through away.

Lime is an important fruit in Jamaica and is enjoyed in many juices. The limes in the Caribbean can be picked green or ripe is said to be an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Limes are used in many dishes especially as a marinade for seafood and chicken dishes. It is an important ingredient in sauces, beverages, preserves and cakes. This is a favorite drink on the hot summer days as most persons just add a little sugar and get a cool and refreshing drink.

The papaya is another big ingredient in most blended fruit juices. This fruit is a native of South America, in Jamaica you will hear it commonly called “pawpaw”. When the papaya is ripe it is of orange color and resembles the summer squash; popularly served with other fruits in salads. The green fruit can also be used and is an ingredient in relishes or chutney.

There are numerous fruits which are mentioned here but when you visit Jamaica you can sample all that you like. There other Jamaican fruits such as naseberry, jackfruit, apples, sugar cane, june plum, custard apple and many more. Just try all of them!

Jamaican Cuisine

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